fps / tps 3D model with network


I have a little problem with Blueprint :

I want make a fps sample game with network, and i want to make like a normal fps with a “fps 3D model” (just arms, hand) for the local player and a “tps 3D model” (all body part) for all other client. I realy don’t know how to do it on network, because normaly the player 3D model is replicated so the same model appear on all other client. But for my sample game i try to spawn an other model in all other client that the local player model.

This feature is done in the fps exemple game but this sample was not made by BP.

Can somebody say me the main way to do it in BP ?

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for OP, you can refer to shooter games demo or the frist person template project. if you know how to setup a skeleton mesh animation(refer to blueprint animation level of content examples), just set it up in the mesh component that was intentionally left empty.


What i seen when i was trying setting up fps / tps mode may can help you.

First step : The full mesh with a camera in the back for tps mode.

Second step : A “arm only” mesh with another camera at fps place.

Then in Event graph toggle active for camera and visibility for mesh and it worked.

Maybe you can set same thing and bool local player / someone else…

there is no need to setup bool because there are already 2 bool called “only owner see” and “owner no see” from any mesh component.