FPS Template

Hello Forum!

I’m working on a template for FPS game sin UE4. It’s aimed to be mainly educational, with full documentation and step-by-step in engine tutorials for people new to game creation in UE4.
The point is for people to have a project which contains everything needed to make a small game in one place, and to give the basics to make something bigger.
I haven’t really seen anything like that around, except for the shooter tutorial.
I will make a small shooting range, with scoring system and highscores (offline for now). Want to add ingame menu with graphics settings, input settings etc. But only on basic level.

Currently I’m working on the weapon system, it’s mostly done.
The UI reacts to data received from the character, like what weapon he has equipped and how much ammo it has.
There is also weapon spread, but it needs some work, sometimes it does stupid stuff.
Crosshair reacts to movement and weapon spread.

Made this partly from tutorials all over the internet and the other part by myself.
Started out with the Shooter Tutorial, great stuff. Then youtube videos, forums, answerhub etc.
All assets and animations are made by me.
In case you’re interested in getting these assets you can find them on >>CGTrader<<](

I’d love to know what you guys think :slight_smile:


Hi Contmike,

I love your project ! You make a great job on it man, can’t wait to see the final look ;D

Thank you :slight_smile:

FPS Template WIP #02



  • Added the rest of the weapons from my FPS Pack.

  • The P90 uses a screen capture component for the scope.

  • Changed the firing spread, made shooting more accurate.
    Previously I used projectiles, now I’m using line trace.

  • Changed the camera shake when firing zoomed in. Still needs some refinement I think.

  • Made a UI element for weapon pickup and swap message. It only shows up if you don’t have that weapon in hand.
    I want to expand it with the logo of the weapon you’re looking at.
    During weapon swapping you have to hold for half a second. The progress bar around the button fills up.
    It can be cancelled any time by releasing the button.

Are you planning on selling the FPS template?

So many FPS templates now…

Sometimes its hard to differentiate them all…

But for sure I’ll remember that forum name :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I’m planning to sell this on the marketplace when it’s finished.

Yeah :smiley: The name is pretty generic. This is just a working title so people interested in something like this can find it. The final version will be a shooting range with scoring system. So it will be called something like “Shooting Range an FPS Template” or something.

I’m not sure you need to add the shooting range bit. I am just looking for a solid FPS template with good features

Hmm good to know. I didn’t think people would be interested if I only made an FPS template.

Nice job on the assets they look top notch any chance you will release the arms on there own? you shouldn’t state you created it off youtube videos it wont be a good selling point lol, you mite also want to state its single player only as well, back when i started my own weapon system i was going to release it for people to use because the marketplace lacks networked weapon systems, i never did because i just don’t have the time to offer support for a asset while also working on a game.

Thank you. Yeah, you’re right. I should specify that I only started with the tutorials, but it’s mostly made by myself.
I didn’t think people would be interested in only the arms, so I only included it in my FPS Pack on CGTrader. But I will make an upload with the rigged arms only during the weekend then.
Oh right, I forgot to say that it’s single player only. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I saw your game by the way, some time ago. Looks pretty nice. The building system is neat.

Damm fine work there. Sooooo smooth looking. +1

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks i really need to upload a newer video haha. are you using linetraces for the weapons projectiles?

Yeah. There are no projectiles though. I spawn the impact effect and decal at the hit location using the hit normal.
Previously I used projectiles but linetraces work better.

FPS Template WIP #03


Finally managed to get back to work on this one.


  • Moved to the UE4 First Person map to see how plug & play the assets are. Had to fix some minor issues.
  • The character will stop firing if you get too close to the wall, and resume when moving back.
  • Changed wall detection from Box collision to line trace.
  • Added sound effects. They aren’t all good, but you can change them easily in your project if needed.
  • Added ammo pickup system with ammo BP asset. You can choose the weapon type and how much ammo you want added. They have the same physics as the weapons.

Sound effects are from Most of them are CC0. The rest you can read in the video description.
I will provide a full list with the final product.

What are you planning on doing about the weapon assets?

I want to include them in the final product.

how did you do the ADS?

Looks like you added a ‘lift gun when near walls’ function, right? I would love to hear how you set this up, i’m looking into making something similar on my project right now :stuck_out_tongue: