FPS Template Weapon Offset...

I have just finished making the FPS Template network enabled, this includes Replicated Projectiles and Replicated Muzzle Flashes. It all works very well and I am pleased with the result, but now I am at the stage where I need to start getting the projectile to actually hit the target where the weapon is aiming at. I first want to get the weapons accurate before I implement recoil and projectile spread.

Basically I have ramped up the projectiles and made them super fast (I assuming this is the right thin - see other post) but I find that the projectile land near the center of the target reticle from a distance but up close they are to the bottom left … by some distance.

So my thinking here is that I should get a ray cast done from the center of the screen (which also happens to be the center of the target reticle and then make sure the projectile leaves the weapon and heads towards the ray cast destination of the center of the screen.

Is this the right way to tackle this … is there some other way of doing this?

Any help, as usual, is greatly appreciated. As stated I am using the FPS template that I have no fully network enabled and I am running this in 4.6.1.