FPS Template Player Start Position

In the FPS template when you start the game it starts where the player character is located.

However, in my own projects the player starts either, where the player start actor is, or if there is no player start actor, where the viewport is when I am developing.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how the FPS template gets the game to always start at the location of the player character controller. This might be obvious but I’ve searched for ages online and can’t see this. I can only presume its because it is so basic and I am being stupid, but I was hoping someone might be able to enlighten me?

Having the exact same problem, no answers, thats frustrating, you ever figure it out? I have a bunch of blueprints that need to reference the blueprint not “Player Start” so its messing things up.

I didn’t actually resolve that but in my case, I was able to fix the issues by instead of making public variables referencing this player blueprint, instead using the Get Player Pawn, which will get the current reference (single player in my current project, but spawn points should facilitate multiplayer). Then just use player start and it should use that player blueprint, or can be configured to do so.

I had the same problem so I went to search for differences in my level and template level. I have found a solution. You need to select Your character in objects tree, than search for “Pawn” section in details pane (close to the bottom of the pane). In that section there is an option “Auto Possess Player”. By default it says “Default”, but in FPS template level “Player 0” is selected, so You need to select that one. This works for me. I have only one player, so there is no problem here. Someone with more experience should know what happens with multiple players.
Good luck!