FPS Tactical AI Demo ( WIP )

Made a fully behavior-tree / blueprint AI that allows AI to take cover and validates for Cover.

Part 2 Available now :

This is awesome man! So fluid!

Great work.

That’s pretty awesome! I like how they change position depending on your distance.

Looks very nice , it would be nice to make some tactical shooter :slight_smile:

Looks great, do you plan on sharing the blueprint?

Don’t mind sharing the blueprint . not sure if anyone wants it. It’s pretty basic and quite specific in that sense.

We haven’t jumped into AI yet but will soon. Our AI systems will vary greatly from what you have here, but I’d still love to see the blueprints just to get a primer on how you set it up.

Wow, that is cool!!!

This is very cool. Well done!

Any tips or tutorials or resources on AI for the community would be greatly valued and appreciated. I know Epic is hard at work to release their official documentation, and to continue development of behavior trees and other AI features (yay!). But your example content, and anybody else’s, can only help to supplement that. So yeah, you would definitely be doing a positive service to share anything you feel comfortable with.

Give me some time to put things together, and I will upload a portable version of it.

Remind me if I forgotton.

Looking forward to seeing this - very cool!

Hey @Frozenfire, this is amazing :smiley: It’s actually something I wanted to do as a little side project but never got enough time.

I’d really like to know more details of your implementation. Is it pure BP? What did you use for cover selection (EQS?! :wink: )?

And I must say I love the fact you’re using Simulation mode when testing AI - that’s my favorite method too! Next step have AI fight AI :wink:


its amazing , its what i wanted to do ,but never got there . would you mind telling us how you achieved it please ?

Hi there. Mainly it’s about setting up a behavior tree to process destination cover node and the current cover node. once it’s invalidated, goto new node.
I also use blueprint to calculate whether the cover is still valid or not. If you have any specific question, you can PM me for specific answers.

So far, I’ve changed and moved away from a lot of these older implementations to go for better node scoring.

my problem is exactly the validation of the cover position . i mean i cant figure out how to make the bot choose the right cover point ( or in some cases right side of the cover ) .
For example ,imagine, i have a crate , i need some logic to tell the bot to choose the sides of the crate which cant be seen by player , not the side which player can see.
I’d be grateful if you can provide me with some instructions on this . thanks

I’m actually looking into something similar for a sideproject aswell, this looks really good so i’d like to reiterate: Will you make this available to the public? =D

this is outdated **** please do not PM me to ask how to make this , I’m still getting PM for this video.

it’s lousy . you don’t want this now. You want EQS. EQS is the new flavor for cover system since 4.7.
Also I cannot make this available because it has been deleted into the deep chasms of my HDD before the days we started to use SVN,

In any case anyone wants to know the cover validation technique it’s super simple.

  1. Do dot product on ( ForwardVector the LookAtRotation of BotA towards BotB ) → ( Rotation of Cover ). 1.0 returns direction in front 0 returns sideway. So decide your cover allowance.
  2. Second validation uses distance ( you can use path distance for better usability )

the entire behavior tree can be seen on this link ( the left side of the trees does the cover validating )

for this specific usage , it is very very suitable to be used with EQS where the testing of visibility from the player could be done.