FPS Stuck at 60

So before the 4.5.1 update I was able to run around in my FPS map at about 200 FPS. When I looked up into the stars, and away from all the assets in the map, it peaked at 280 FPS.

Now with no change to the map, it is stuck at 60. I have changed the settings in the editor to turn off smooth frame rate so that there is no limit. I’ve also set it to false in the config/defaultengine.ini file. I noticed that if I run the game from a batch file it adds a new smoothframrate variable to the config file and sets it to true, even though I’ve turned it off everywhere. I’ve also changed the upper fps limit to 120 in editer and config file which it doesn’t seem to change after running but it’s still stuck at exactly 60 FPS no matter what I look at or do in game.

What’s overwriting everything and forcing the FPS to 60 now? It’s driving me nuts.


I am not a 100% sure about your particular issue but usually games will soft cap frame rate at 60 fps. This is because that is the universal refresh rate of. Most games don’t allow the frame rate to go over 60 fps. Even though it may say 200+ fps it is in reality only 60 fps. WoW is an example of this. It maybe that they simply update the fps system so that it won’t write a value over 60, since 60 is the true cap.

this talks about fps a bit

No, epic didn’t force everyone down to 60 fps. Other people on my team are running the same project at 120+ with no problems. I want to know what is overriding my fps settings…

Hi ,

There is a setting in Project Settings>General Settings called framerate. You should be able to adjust the cap there.


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Hey thanks for the reply. This is actually the first thing I tried to change but it was not doing anything. It was still being overwritten here. Then I tried to change it in the config files and it was still being overwritten…

I was able to fix it by just deleting my project and repulling everything from our github repository as nobody else on the team was having the problem. Never found out what the mysterious overriding cap was though.

Not sure if this’ll help, but I just encountered a similar issue on DK2. My computer also perfectly capable of pushing over 60fps in stereo but completely locked.

It turned out to be that I was setting “Enable Low Persistence Mode” on in my player blueprint.

The interesting bit is that even setting the boolean on that node to false it was still locked at 60, it was only when I removed the link to node that the framerate went back to up 75.