FPS starter template - possible to view Blueprints of game actions? how?

hey folks! brand new to Unreal, been working in Unity the past 2-3 years. i like the editor and i love Blueprints but i’m just trying to get my head around these templates. i started with a new game and chose the FPS level template - really simple. basic player walking around shooting at cubes that fall. so being a game sound implementer, i’m wondering if perhaps these game actions have Blueprints associated with them? if so, how can you edit these? another example - i’d like to add a sound when the character jumps for example.

so, basic question here is - are the actions i’m seeing in this template defined through Blueprint? if so, how to find these to edit them?

any all answers, links etc appreciated. i’ve watched tutorials but those are about doing it from scratch, and not modifying existing ones.

thanks in advance!