FPS - Single Line Trace - Lines shot into the ground / air.

i’ve followed a tutorial and my shots/lines go directly into the ground.
Even if i spin or look around it goes always in the same way and into the ground.

we definitely need an image of your Blueprint to see where the problem is.

Probably something returns [0,0,0] instead of vector. And you always shoot that point.

You are adding a float value (25000) to your GetControlRotation->GetRotationXVector. I am sure you want to prolong that vector. In order to do this you have to multiply this float value. GetRotationXVector is normalized I guess and adding a float to a vector will result in a vector that’s very close to x=25000, y=25000, z=25000 (mathematically strange but that’s how Epic Games implemented this node when I remember correctly).

I also think you want an Add instead of a Subtract node before the End-input of your LineTrace. Currently you are tracing from anywhere to your pawn, I guess you want the opposite.

heres how i linetrace from my camera straght out to a set distance, with rotation updated aswell
Log.txt (203 KB)

I created a new project, a 3 person shooter. Created new Cam, attached it to a new socket in the head. Checked “pawn” and something else so the cam doesn’t shake when run. Now like in the last project the line trace flew into the sky or the ground.

Used this tutorial:

Here a Video.