FPS Prototype (Animator Wanted)


I am currently looking for an animator to create some FPS animations for a FPS prototype. These are basic animations that will be used to create and test prototype gameplay. Animators will be responsible for creating the following animations:

  • Revolver_Idle
  • Revolver_Walk
  • Revolver_Run
  • Revolver_Jump
  • Revolver_Crouch
  • Revolver_Hip_Fire
  • Revolver_ADS
  • Revolver_ADS_Walk
  • Revolver_ADS_Jump
  • Revolver_ADS_Crouch
  • Revolver_ADS_Fire
  • Revolver_Reload
  • Revolver_Draw
  • Revolver_Holster

If you are interested, contact me at You do not need to be a professional and student and hobbyist are welcome. This is for a prototype so if you are looking to get something on your resume or just some experience this would be a great opportunity! If you know anyone who would be interested in the project please pass along this information.