Fps problems?

Hey so on my computer my game runs really smooth at 120fps but when I move the project over to another computer it literally runs at 24fps which is really frustrating. My pc is an i7, 16gb ram + gtx 1060 3gb and the other pc is an all in one i5, SSD, 8gb of ram. Is there something I’m missing because my game is really simple, it’s just a 2d game! Please can someone help me, it will be much appreciated!!!

Okay, first question. Is it running at 120fps when you are playing in the editor in a small window? Because resolution matters… a lot. Also is the other PC not have a GPU? Integrated GPUs have to use system memory, and that 8gb RAM is probably not enough for that.

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Yeah it has an integrated GPU and it runs in the editor at 120fps

UE4 can be a bit more intensive than you think , and the minimum requirements need something better than an integrated GPU.

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So should I just carry on with my project knowing that people with an integrated graphics card can’t play my game. Because it is going on Steam and I think most people will have a separate graphics card?

When you develop a project, if it is high-end, you must understand that the end users of the project will be based on your operating system and your resources to run the game as such.

In that case you must implement graphic quality options system, like for example shadows quality, drawing distance, lod system, effects quality, etc. So that the person who does not have your same resources. Now, if you don’t do that, you must specify the requirements so that someone can run your game, and if he doesn’t meet those requirements he avoids downloading or buying the game.

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You are the developer, it’s your call. IMO it depends on what game you are making and what the target audience is. I don’t expect people to run a COD: Warzone type game on an integrated GPU for example. You mentioned it’s a 2D game. Is it actually 2D, or more like 2.5D, where we are in a 3D space looking at the character from the side?

In any case, you can (and should) optimize. Remove unnecessary post-processing effects, switch over to Forward Rendering, use lightmaps instead of dynamic lights, etc.

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Right, if you want to support that hardware then you need to be testing on that hardware and trying to optimize things.

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@llYuell @STRiFE.x @darthviper107 Thanks so much for the help guys and yes my game is 2.5D and I’m pretty sure my target audience would be on the lower end of specs as it is a much more light-hearted theme than say COD

You must work based on your target audience, not everyone has the same hardware, however you can make very simple things so that everyone can play, however if you make things with last generation graphics not everyone will be able to access your project. It will be an exclusive audience. So look at texture sizes, meshes, display systems etc.

Okay so it’s about making it as flexible as possible, thanks!