FPS Main Menu Still Shoots

I am making an FPS with a main menu, and with the basic main menu I made if you miss a click on one of the buttons, the gun still fires. I have it set up through widget blueprints that are in their own level, and the world is in another level. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried using the “disable input” node and connecting it to the player controller so the input isn’t read to shoot when the button is missed. And then use “set input Mode to UI only” (I believe is what the node is called) so then when starting up the main menu, the mouse will be set to work on the UI. Also be sure to use the “set show mouse” and have it checked so the mouse shows and you will be able to navigate through the main menu.

Would I put that in each button on click?

No, you would set it up in the level BP since you are having the menu in its own level.

Did it work?