FPS Looking Up and Down

Hi everyone,

I want to make an FPS shooter game. The problem is I don’t understand how looking up and down works. I know how to rotate my character left and right, but how do I get the animation so that when other players see me look up my character appears to be looking up? I’m using blender, but it wouldn’t make sense to make a look up and down animation.

Thanks for your time

Here’s the gist of it without getting too deep into the blueprints/code. Basically, when you look around in the game, you are moving the Camera that is attached to your character in the CharacterBlueprint. So, even though your camera moves, your character really doesn’t do anything. However, when you walk or run, you will notice your character is moving. It’s because of the AnimationBlueprint that is selected in the character blueprint.

You basically need to edit the AnimationBlueprint; add a variable (e.g. LookingUp) and a new state that executes the character looking up animation loop if LookingUp is set to true (you might have to create the animation first). And in your CharacterBlueprint on the InputAxis LookUp / Add Controller Yaw Input node, you should be able to reference the AnimationBlueprint and set LookingUp to true/false, etc.

There might be a different way of doing this but it should get you started.