FPS Interaction Animations

Could anyone highlight me on the best way to approach such animations like grabbing a door handle or if driving a bike in First person, ensuring the hands and arms grab the bike handle and throttle. Being new to development on my own (I’m a programmer not an artist but I am learning slowly how to model) but experienced with other types of games this is a new area I’m looking at.

All advice is useful and helpful, there are no silly questions or answers here :slight_smile:

I would use a IK system to do that: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/CHN/Engine/Animation/IKSetups/index.html

Looks good, but can you mix this with an animation so for example: you interact with a bike, a sequenced animation runs to get onto the bike and you can see the hands grab the handles, animation ends and the bike becomes controllable including the animations for pulling the throttle when accelerating.

@Euden: yes, that is what UE4’s IK system is for. It is designed to work well when used on top of other animations. Just getting the hands to remain attached to the handles during a ‘handle-grabbing’ animation is actually easy. Less easy (but doable) is the precise transition from unattached (IK at 0%) to attached (100%). For that, you will have to calculate IK-weights in the EventGraph of the animation BP, and plug them into the ‘alpha’ slot of the Two-Bone-IK node in the AnimGraph.

Also note that UE4 version 4.2 is supposed to come with a new IK solver (FABRIK) that can handle longer chains (the current one handles three, of which one is the target).