FPS in game accuracy

Hi so I’ve got into the same problem of a guy on this thread
[120FPS in editor but only 20 in Game - Debugging, Optimization, & Profiling - Unreal Engine Forums][1]

where in he’s getting a 120fps on the editor but with a standalone gameplay it goes down to 20fps. Now mine is from 120fps to 60fps and I’ve tried the recommendation of turning off the frame rate smoothing on the project settings. Now its giving me like more than 400 to 700 fps on the standalone and still getting 120fps on my editor. My concern is if this is still accurate…?

Thanks for your respond.

PS: I’m not running any heavy texture scene. It’s a blank project with a moving character blueprint and thats it.

Generally speaking, fps in editor is not a good indicator of game performance. It has a lot of overhead and small things like browsing content browser can result in big lag spikes.

If it is performance metrics you are after, ue4 is providing great profiling tools to give you better idea of how well the game is optimised other than fps.

Here is quite an extensive read on the topic that will give you good understanding of the topic. https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Performance/index.html

Sadly there is no one answer to your question, since each PC is different. If your game is graphically demanding, someone with old graphics card but great processor can be getting 10FPS. On the other hand, if your game is CPU demanding instead of GPU demanding, that person can be getting 300FPS. Profiling enables you to find bottlenecks, but it is up to you to decide what is good enough.

If you are planning to ship the game on multiple platforms (PC, Android/IOS) playtesting packaged game is the best way to find real world performance.

Thank you for the respond. So either a standalone FPS and editor FPS is not accurate? How can I enable profiling that gives me information on how the game will perform outside the editor when it has already been shipped.

Hi this is really great I’ve also dig into the epicgames tutorials about profiling. I’ve tested it and check it on the platform I’m targeting (android). My Computer is a bit decent but my phone is a Google Pixel 1. I’ve tried packing the blank project on my phone with Android ATC. I’ve got a way lower FPS though now I’m already using stat unit. On my PC using standalone I get more than 400FPS and only got 60 to 68 fps running on my pixel 1. I’m not sure if this is accurate as I’ve test the game to run on my Pixel 1 with low and high resolution but still getting a 60fps. Game response and movement is also not affected it’s still really fast.

Is it because my phone is really slow or is there something on my settings for mobile that is not right?