FPS getting lower ..and lower over Time

Hey… well i got a Problem… i dont know What it can be… its Like Im starting my Game and im NOT MOVING my FPS Drops 30-29-28-27-26-26.5-25-24-23-22-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8… 5 …

I just updated my Graphic Driver to the Newest

my Specs

Win 7 64x
GTX 750 TI OC 2 GB
32 GB Ram…


Thats the Point i got out thats a way too high


Would be great if someone can help me…THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Hello Kuro!

You may wish to turn on “stat scenerendering” in the game to see if there any changes there, that can get you pointed in the right direction.

It’s almost impossible to tell what is going on, from what you have posted. Are you programatically doing anything on a Timer, that would alter the number of objects, etc in the game as your standing there?

Scenerendering will at least give us a hint at the number of “draw calls” that is happening.

The specs for my development machine, are almost exactly the same as yours, except I have 16GB of memory instead of 32GB,and 1GB of video memory, and I don’t have the issue you are seeing. So with more information, hopefully you can get some help.



I see some difference…but i dont know what exactly it is…,maybe u can help me

Okay i get some SC’S while its Running




There should have been at the bottom the “stat scenerendering” a section called counters, was that present?

Have you built lighting recently?


Well yeah i got it,but just in fulscreen mode



yeah there are differences

oh and my SCENE are just Dynamic Light,so i dont doo Light Builds.

it’s good to see that the calls for meshes etc, are not increasing.

Yet the one line between the two, that seems to be hurting the most, is the renderqueryresult. It’s not present at all, when you have decent FPS, yet it’s there, as the highest, when your FPS is going down.

What is changing in the scene, as your standing there, that could cause this?


Well…its Everywhere… so i just have Grass thats Moving/trees/ Content Examples, but that wasnt a problem…

The Problem is just new… maybe from the 4.11.2 Update? or the new Graphical Driver… i dont know…

So i would guess its something Buggy?

I really have no Plan what it can be… or maybe the Dialogue BLueprint Content from marketplace? but i guess because its on the Marketplace its Optimized.

Any Ideas?


I have never seen that counter we are talking about shoot up from nothing, to being invoked 3 times, then using that much time.

Do you have this exact same project, in 4.10? Have you built lighting?

For myself, when I see the counters go to crap, it’s generally because I need to build lighting. As to being optimized, because it’s on the marketplace, I think that’s a huge leap to make, I wouldn’t go to vegas and bet on it.

I wouldn’t think it was a dialogue unless as I see no text being displayed, unless it’s doing something on a timer. Which is truthfully what this sounds like, as your FPS degenerates over time.

It’s time to either move the project as is, into 4.10 in order to eleminate the possibility of a 4.11 bug, or confirm it, Then if that does no good, to start removing sections of code (like the dialogue), one at a time, in order to try to narrow it down to what is happening.


  1. No i have it not… i was “Continue” to work on my project on 4.11 and than updated 4.11.2

  2. Yeah i was Build it…still the Problem

…Well what u mean exactly with a Timer… a Tick Event?

ITs definitely the DIALOGUE /Quest BLueprint…,i have every 2 days backup so i was going to 21.04 and there are whitout the Content…there are no DROPS… so maybe u know what exactly i should look for “timer”?



FINALLY I GOT IT!..my Problem was i was Connecting a TICK to a Sequencer…

my Mistake was i was need to connect it with Event Begin Play… omg thats embrassing…

But Really THANKS for Your HELP !


More than welcome, absolutely, and glad you got it.

To answer your other question. You can set a “timer” in UE4, to call an event, etc. to do some action in the “future”. Yes Tick is sort of a timer (although it runs with delta time), but a real timer, is more like

5 Seconds in the future, I wish to call function X, and after that, i wish the same function to be called every N seconds, forever, or for a certain number of times, or until a certain time elapses. That is generally how timers work.

Glad you got it working!


Sorry for bringing this up again, but i think i have the same problem,
My specs are :
RTX 4070
Ryzen 5700X

i think this occurs in my Engine Sound parameter for my CarBP
the problem is, what would a decent solution look like for “get rotation speed?”
i dont check my fps but i would say i start with 100ish fps and i get down to 10 the longer i drive the car, if i exit it it stops stuttering.

im quite new to UE so i hadnt figured it out what you meant by “timers” can somebody explain to me?

This is a Link to my Blueprint, you can edit it and send me recommendations, you can also use this blueprint for your project via ctrl+c ctrl+v

appreciate it!

I have found a video of a guy explaining event tick and performance very well in 4 chapters, this fixed my game,essentially the nos and engine sound were checking itself for 120 times per second which is way toooo much , i added event timers and set the length to 0.1 which is 10 times a second, which is still good and ends in good performance