[ FPS Game ] Devilry

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a dynamic first-person survival horror game.

“Survive the night in your rural home as an uninvited guest wrecks havoc in the stately manor. Protect your family from the evil sprite using a variety of techniques, tools and weapons randomly spawned around the estate.”


  • A multitude of household objects that can be turned against the Sprite
  • Utilize the tools in combination to make weapons that damage or lure it out to your will
  • Watch the security web-cams to find where it’s lurking
  • Don’t be fooled by the Sprite’s small height, its incredibly fast and can merge with the shadows when still
  • A devious and erratic nature will turn it from making a mess one moment to having murderous tendencies the next
  • The player will be rewarded for dealing with the Sprite quickly and lose out for letting it harm your family


Currently finishing up the estate and working on a teaser trailer showing the sprite in action.

Great looking!

Thanks very much mate, appreciated.

Dark and ominous! The rooms themselves look subtly menacing -very cool.

:eek: Looking, uhh… scary… Good job! :wink:

Haha, thank you TheFurryDev, hopefully he’ll be even better when fully animated.

Thanks also Steve, quite an odd task trying to design the player’s home while making it imposing.

Great work so far creativestate! That is one scary enemy. Keep up the great work!

Looks great!

Hey all and Happy New Year!
The project is still going strong and the great deal of effort put into it is slowly paying off.

Sundials randomly spawn around the estate and let the player change night into day

Watch out for the traps

Candles stun the Sprite and leave him vulnerable to attack

Causing mischief

The Sprite AI now has the ability to select and follow objectives, conduct activates, chase or evade the player.
Similarly the family have objectives around the house they can move to, reflecting some daily activates & bringing a little life to the estate.
Characters have a simple health status system which influences their movement & animations.
Plans for the future are to implement dynamic behavioral sets that change based on variables in game. Independent of the player, this would largely be based on the day-night system (e.g. family & sprite are sleepy/hunting etc…), otherwise effected by the traps set by the player.

Only basic movement animations have been implemented so far.
Interactive, attack & advance movement animation placeholder have to be removed and new ones implemented.

The estate is largely complete, with several intractable objects that the Sprite can also interfere with.
Creating a horror-themed cinematic soundscape is at the end of the to-do list.

A basic system of picking up & carrying items has been implemented
Stationary usable objects randomly spawn around the estate and disappear after use.

The next development stage is a full implementation of the inventory system and the development of the usable/collectible items.

Hey all,

Just some screens on the progress:


Security camera system is up and running.
Players can view multiple night-vision cameras throughout the house.


Weapon functionality & sounds have been implemented.
The inventory has been separated into weapons and items for quick access.


Lighting around the house has been improved and balanced over each floor.
Scrapped the day night system.

Wow this is looking beautiful, great progress and love the candle

Hey mate, thanks a lot, much appreciated.

As a side note, i forgot to mention the Sprite has also been removed and replaced with an entirely different antagonist.

Hey all,

After a long time in development I’ve finally gotten around to putting the game on Greenlight! After a little more testing it should be good to go, but this version looks stable enough.

Anyone that wants to head over to the steam page and vote to help get it greenlit would be highly appreciated!