FPS: Footstep Sound Trigger

I’ve seen lots of tutorials for creating a walking sound using animation blueprints but as we know there is no walking animation blueprint in the FPS template. So my question is, how can I apply the footstep sounds to a FPS template?

Very straightforward and practical solution. Thanks.

Try continuing this off of what is in the default blueprint, also change the sound from explosion to footsteps :slight_smile:


Actually hold on, I think that there might be a problem with that.
This might happen…
Press W-walk and playfootstep=true
Additionally press S-walking diagonal and playfootstep=true
Release S-walking foward playfootsteps=False :frowning:

I think that will happen.

A quick fix (maybe not the best) is make variables for each key (playfootstepW, playfootstepS…) have each key set it’s respective variable to true and false. Then make each of those new variables all connect to the “condition” input in the branch.

But the branch can only take one node to that input at a time…

Use OR gates to ‘merge’ them into the condition node