FPS drops when viewport FOCUSED

Hi everybody.
Since yesterday I’m experiencing weirdest issue of all times. First off all, yes, is not when main view port is unfocused, is just the opposite. I disabled the option to lower CPU consumption when not in foreground btw, but again, the problem is that viewport goes to ~20fps when “focused”, yes, focused. What is even more strange, if I open the material editor in another monitor and focus on the material graph, then the main view port goes back to 120fps

I’ve disabled any screen recorded as geforce or obs, and apply high performance settings in nvidia control panel, but nothing. Also, I noticed that when clicking Alt+F11 to hide windows taskbar than viewport goes to 60fps. all this test are on an empty scene on a RTX2060. If I look at the GPU monitor I can see how it goes to almost 5% when main viewport is focused and then to 80% when it’s in background. Is making my crazy.

Any ideas?