FPS drops, what's the odds on player with outdated/low card?


This story begins with my cat peeing on the side of my computer, which led to my GTX460 sparkling as firecrackers. LOL

To proceed development I got an old GTS250 (hey it’s like a 9800) to continue development until get coura$$ge to buy another board…

My amazing FPS gone away… Got 60~120 before, now, each time my character approaches a dynamic light, 15 FPS less, on some parts of my level I got around 13-19 FPS.

While I plan into solve this on my system, I’m starting to think about the odds from players experiencing the same trouble.

Is this kind of thing common? Any tips?

Thank you!

PS: If you have a cat, keep your CPU on a high place and with no room to allow it to “target” holes. :wink:

Check out the Steam Hardware survey and you will have a decent guess at how many people have a potato, like yourself currently, for a computer


You won’t see old graphics cards like that all that often, since most likely if you got a gaming card at all you’d probably replace it by now. What you’ll see instead is people with Intel integrated GPU’s, which are pretty low-end, but very common.

I still cherish my voodoo 2 graphics card. :slight_smile: (And was still using it till 2008!)
Unreal 4 is unusable on a 250. It’s way to slow on a 550 for that matter! (UE4 WILL kill you’re 250 in you run it on it. :frowning: )