FPS drops due to simple objects

Hello there,

I am having performance issues with my ArchViz project (Target is mobile).
I am loading in fairly simple objects, but my framerate drops considerably. The level itself is not particularly complicated. A little office space with a couple of tables and office appliances etc… But for some reason my FPS is just not getting there…

Various things:
When I preview it as mobile on my PC I get fantastic frame rates, sometimes up to 250fps… But when I then port it to my Samsung galaxy Tablet 10.1 I have about 15-25fps…

I have realised that some of my objects have a 2.000kb and bigger “Resource size”, some even 6.000kb… What exactly does that mean? And is there a limit for mobile games.

It really does not feel logical… I look at the Shooter Demo content and see that there are also objects with 800kb resource sizes and way more of them but the performance is better than my little office…
What could I be doing wrong?
Can someone point me in the direction of where I could find a solution to my problem? Thank you very much!

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JayCox of on3studio

Can only offer general info as mobile isn’t my area (maybe it’ll help bump the thread anyway)…
Its common to build a simple benchmarking scene first to test the limits of the target device.
IIRC Mobile previewers don’t generally throttle performance to match target hardware (UDK anyway).
So its not unknown to run multiple sessions in order to throttle the PC and get a more realistic UX.

But 6.000 > 800kb.
Polycount, texture size, complicated shader?

Well I have four 6000kb objects and the Shooter Demo has dozens of 800kb objects… Thats what I am wondering. No texture is bigger than 1024x1024, and the shaders have a maximal sample size of 5… In my mind it does not make any sense… I guess I’ll have to ease it down even further…

Any other things that I may overlook performance-wise?
Thank you!

How’s the overdraw in the scene?

How many draw calls are you getting?

What kind of lights are you using? Shadows?

How are your materials setup for mobile? Are they optimized?

What post process settings are you using?

Have you tried checking out some Epic games mobile game samples and compared them to your project?

When you created your project from the beginning, did you select the mobile preset or desktop graphics?

There’s so many potential variables at play here, it’s impossible to know without opening and checking out your project myself.