FPS drops after phone gone into sleep mode

my game has stable 60FPS on Nexus 5 (Android 5.0 Lollipop). It changes drastically when my phone gone into sleep mode… After wake up phone, my game has around 30-40 FPS. When I restart game, this has again 60FPS…
Anyone can help me?

can’t help you, but I can confirm the same behaviour on Xperia M (Android 4.3)

60 FPS until any system operation interrupts the game process, 45 FPS after some kind of “system” event

and it is quite interesting

It could be good if Epic will interesting about that…

Hi ,

Could you post this on the AnswerHub and include a link back to this thread? This is the best way to bring problems to developer’s attention.


I wrote on AnswerHub yesterday: