FPS Drop ingame UE 4.14

I bought a new laptop,Asus ROG G752VM-GC024T with GeForce GTX 1060. But now everytime I go ingame in my own level the FPS drop very low! How can I fix this?

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How can i view the exact amount of objects?
I think there are a lot of objects and more have to be added.
Intel i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz wihtout Intel graphics

My previous laptop was the HP zbook 17 G1.

Are they all in the same level?

How many objects are shown through the level? By the way, do you know your cpu? intel or AMD?

to check is where it says world outliner. if you dont goto windows and find it.

Yes, it is one big level using BSP blocks and 3D models.

Ill check the amount of objects first thing tomorrow morning

Guessing the amount of models in my level at this moment, I would say between 300 and 500.

I’d refer you to level streaming or making everything instanced. Level Streaming | Unreal Engine Documentation
UE4 Optimization: Instancing - YouTube

Ok, I’ll check this out, thank you.

I just dont understand why everything works fine on my 3-years old laptop, but not on a new one…