FPS Drop in 4.25 version when intel graphics is disabled.

For many crashes with 4.24 and upper versions because of (D3D11 Query.cpp crashes), disabled intel graphics in the display adaptors and checked that with 4.24 version, it worked without crashes.
But when using this method for 4.25 version , I have a critical fps drop in the 4.25 editor.
Is there a way to change settings in 4.25 to be adapted with intel graphics disabled? changing specific settings in UE 4.25? 4.24 is normal but 4.25 is fps dropped.
when roll back and enable intel graphics again, fps drop will disappear but get crazy crashes.

You probably don’t need to disable the Intel GPU that way. You should be able to go into the Nvidia Control Panel and in the 3D settings there’s settings there for what graphics adapter to use, by default it will try to assign a GPU to what you’re doing automatically, but it doesn’t do a good job so the options there are to assign a GPU to a specific program or to just tell it to use a specific GPU for everything. In my experience it only works properly if the Nvidia GPU is set as the default and is used for everything.

I tested your workflow, but using just GPU gives me crashes again , and with integrated mode better performance and fps but crashes again ,

The big problem is crashes when navigate in 3d view appear this error and crashes:
assertion failed: gd3d11rhi->getquerydata(query->resource, &query->result, sizeof(query->result), query->querytype, true, false) [file:d:/build/++ue4+licensee/sync/engine/source/runtime/windows/d3d11rhi/private/d3d11query.cpp] [line: 45]

I see many many players have this issue with this error in 4.24 and upper versions.