FPS Crouch Slide

So I’ve been looking around for a good 4 days and i cannot find a decent tutorial for creating a crouch slide system as seen in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 or in other games including the feature.
So i’m turning to the Unreal forums to see if you could point in the direction of a good tutorial i would appreciate the help.

Plz help

I’ve never done one, but the way I would do it is: 1.) Determine the distance to slide (either a constant variable or based of velocity.) 2.) Set a IsSliding variable to true. 3.) In your animation blueprint look for this variable and play an animation of the slide (including the transition from standing to crouching. 4.) When the animation is complete, crouch the character in the movement component. Hope that answers your question

I’ve been working on something similar but the functionality just isn’t right just yet. Here is my blueprint. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I already know I can clean up the beginning of the BP by using the OR block to include all the booleans. My problems are:

  1. Changing the capsule half height is dropping the player through the floor about the half size of the capsule.

  2. When the slide is complete the player is still sprinting. As you can see in the BP I’ve tried to stop the sprint by stopping the motion first in the BP sequence, but it doesn’t appear to be working. The intended functionality would be to stop sprinting when the slide completes. Reset back to walking and be ready for another sprint with the possibility of sliding if the crouch button is pressed while sprinting.

I think I have identified the falling through the floor issue. The inherited capsule collision of the standard player controller is center at an origin so that half of the capsule is above the floor and half is below. When I change the half height of the capsule the capsule section that drops below the floor disappears and the only the top part of the mesh from about the knees up as collision. I’ve attached a pic showing the standard capsule below the floor and a capsule I just added to the player controller that I moved to align with the ground plane. Anyone know how I can adjust/move the inherited capsule or should I should start with a fresh blueprint and add my own capsule/arrow/mesh/boom/camera…?

I fixed the player falling through the floor by just resetting the half height of the capsule at the end of my node group. Duhhh!! The issue i’m currently tackling is that after I start sprinting and initiate the slide when the player finishes the slide they are still sprinting. I’ve tried resetting the sprint duration value to 0 at the start of the slide but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything. I want the player to slide and then return back to walking. is the answer to explicitly set the player to walking mode after the sprint?