FPS Counter

That would not work :wink:

You’ve gotta realize that anything you put after Tick is running every frame. So you have a delay of 1 second running every frame. It makes no sense…

Delta seconds is the difference between frames.

Why is 1/Delta seconds = FPS ? Delta is the time between the last frame right?

Would this work as well? :

I see… The ideia was to increase frame count, and then after one second, reset it and start again, but i guess calling the one second delay each frame doesn’t make sense.

So if delta seconds is the difference between frames, why 1/delta is equal to FPS? Or it isn’t? I have seen some people saying it is. If no, how do I get the FPS?

Now I see, I was just thinking of delta has the time between frames, seeing it has the amount of time it took to render one frame made a lot easier for me to understand everything, thanks a lot mate!!

Explained here:

1/delta is FPS.

The delta isn’t there to tell you the FPS though. I’d say two main uses ( amount many others ) would be:

  1. Input to finterp ( vinterp / rinterp etc ) for animating objects / components

  2. If you have done (1), you can use delta to make the animation rate the same on any hardware, regardless of their FPS.