FPS Coop - Modeling and Blueprint question

Hi Folks,

i was wondering how i could do a FPS Coop with third Person characters for the other Clients to see. Currently i’m working on my new Project and tried some stuff. At first i used one model for the owning Player. I used simple arms. For the Server and the other Clients i used a third Person model.

But: With this Setup theres a Problem. I want to have the ability to use a flashlight. I can make one, that is attached to the FPS camera. But: It doesn’t matter what i do: The Rotation of it is never right. I tried every hint and tutorial and Explanation on the forum or the web, but it work never as it should be. (The Server works correctly, but on the Client the Rotationangle is completely wrong: instead of -90 - 90 it Looks like -180 - 180, even with clamping)

Then i had the idea only to use the third Person model with an aim Offset for the flashlight. If i attach the Spotlight on the flashlight, everything works as expected. The spot is driven by the aimoffset. But the Camera for the Player make strange things. Sure. It’s attached to the socket “Head”. But i wan’t the camera not to make the Animation of the head. It should be only attached to it and should not follow the Rotation from the head-Animation. And there is another Thing: With this Setup you can’t see the arms good enough. I mean if you use the flashlight, or a weapon or whatnot.

I wan’t to make it like the game Resident Evil 7. I think there is a true FPS character (you can see your own shadow on the wall…). But you can also see your arms good enough.

My question is: How should i do this? Do you have some ideas or can explain how Capcom did resolve this?