Fps character, help

hi, i’m working in my first project with the unreal engine 4, i’m working in create my game level now, but i will want to replace the template first person model and it’s weapon, i need some advice on this.

there is a base skeleton (like in the udk) to attach my model to let me use the defaults animations of the game engine or i need to create all from the beginning?

If you set up your rig the same way, swapping out the skeletal mesh with another one should be a breeze. If you’re using Maya, there is a neat animation toolset from the Epic guys you can use to automate a lot of the work (I dont know if there is such a tool for Max or other 3D packages). There are also some tutorials on the Unreal Youtube channel on the topic.


thanks for the info, in my case is a first person shooter, do i need to rig a entire character or i need to rig only the two arms?

i’m asking that because in the content browser the model for the fps template has only the two arms with the hands.

Depends if you want to ever show the third person model. In a multiplayer game like counter strike you would need it, because the other players see you. In a single player FPS where you never leave the first person view, it’s not necessary.

Things like this really depend on your personal project. Do you want/need to have a third person model? :slight_smile:

it’s only first person shooter, i’m not planing to make any third person view

Well then, no need for a third person mesh/animations :slight_smile:

“Single player” is the key here as gregdumb said - if no-one else can see you, you don’t need the full body mesh. But keep in mind that you won’t see yourself in reflections correctly if you just go with the FP/arms model.

thanks for all your replies and all the info.