fps character gun tilting in BPs

if u have ever seen rainbow 6 seige u will know about the gun tilt but I would like to know how to make that in BPs(Blueprints) if you know please reply it would help a lot as im making a realistic first person shooter

Well, that depends on how you want to do it…

If your aiming for your ‘realistic’ first person shooter you are going to want full body awareness (or true first person, tomato). You need to get an artist to create the weapon, character model and have them animate it so the weapon is tilted and attach a camera. If your just doing floating arms, then just get some hands and a weapon and animate it tilted. A question since your making a ‘realistic’ game (which just for clarification, rainbow six siege is not… more call of duty than realism), why do you want the weapon tilted? Im not trying to do this in a trolling sense, but the reasoning behind doing things usually helps with the outcome.