fps character camera rotation speed

Hi everyone!

I want a smooth movement for my fps character camera rotation. I posted a video sample below. In this video the camera rotation movement is very slow and soft how can i do like this?
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nobody knows anything about this problem?


found this solution. It solved my problem but i want more :smiley:

My next problem is overlapping action. I mean for example when i turn right → camera will turn right but 1 or 2 secs before than me…

I hope you understood :smiley:

I think in that video they are using sequencer or matinee to handle the camera movement

oneroncer’s method above would definitely work, and you could also change the scaling value in project settings.

Go to Edit>Project Settings>Input, In the axis values you should see Turn and Look Up, you will see that they have axis values of 1 and -1, change these to say 0.5 and -0.5

(For extra information, in the FPS character blueprint, this is the axis value in the ‘Input Axis LookUp’ and ‘Input Axis Turn’ Events. This might help you to understand how the system works better)

If you open your Character’s blueprint you should see the hierarchy on the left side where the camera is etc.
Look at the bottom of this list and click on the “Character Movement”, there are several setting that might help you I think :stuck_out_tongue:

can you explain me more about sequencer or matinee to handle the camera movement? Because the camera action in that video is avesome! :slight_smile:

wow, million thanks for your info. this already confuse me about 2 weeks… finally i found the solution~ :o:o:o:o

It helped me too. Thank you !!