FPS: Camera Shake via HeadBone?

i want to use a camera shake that i did but is a bone moving how is the parenting done?

So First there is a Invisible Skeletal mesh that contains the head shake and the camera is parented to that bone,
then there is the actual arms visible to the camera.

the only way they work both together is when i turn off the pawn rotation, but i need also the pitch movement!



How are you actually doing the head bob shake to begin with? Is it a animation or procedurally from code?
In either case, applying the head shake on that bone should work even if the class default has its pawn rotations set for pitch and yaw. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Also a possible culprit is that the “head” bone isn’t parented to the arms. If you want arms to rotate normally yaw and pitch and the head to reflect that, the capsule isn’t actually having any pitch, only yaw (because upkeeping upright character) so I’d try to parent the head bone to the arms mesh. So, what happens is, when you move mouse, mouse X (Yaw) rotates the capsule but mouse Y (pitch) rotates the arms. If the bone with the camera is on capsule, it will only rotate on Z (Yaw) as a child of capsule but has no input on the Y (Pitch). So the hierarchy: Capsule rotates arms > arms rotate head bone > head bone does it’s thing within it’s own local space for slight wiggles and shakes.
Maybe a bit more info can help as well if the above don’t work?
Good luck! :slight_smile:

when i did the animation i maker the shake via headbone so its the bone moving, and the camera is parented to it

heres how i have it!

SkeletalMeshWithShake( Is Just the same Arms but with head bone animation)
→ Camera Parented to the Head Bone
→ Spring Arm
→ Skeletal Mesh Arms Parented to the camera
→ Gun Parented to the Arms

This way the camera is Moving in Game but in only moves the Yaw

I need also pitch

alt text