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This Fully Functional Modern Weapon Attachment Pack is 100% plug and play compatible with ALL weapons to help you take your AAA quality FPS game to the next level. Our goal is to bundle these attachments so that if you’ve purchased one or more weapon models, adding the attachments will be seamless! However, just like IRL, some won’t fit on pistols or shotguns for example, but will work great with assault rifles and SMGs. The silencer will work on almost all of our weapons, with the exception of the LMGs, the 44 Mag and the Desert Eagle. For those weapons, the under-barrel lasers are your best bet! All functioning attachments come complete with their own easily editable blueprints and work out of the box with minimal effort.

List of attachments:

  • 12x M-233 Scope
  • Under-barrel Laser
  • Noise Suppressor
  • EOTech Sight
  • EOTech Magnifier
  • Docter Sight Small
  • Docter Sight Large

As you are no doubt aware the HTML5 builds of Unreal 4 are still in their early stages so we can’t guarantee it will work perfectly or at all on all devices and in all browsers :frowning:

This is great! I have been looking forward to these for a while :). What kind of ETA are we looking at?

Hey @phantom530 we’re looking to submit them here in the a week or so and then we’re at the mercy of the Epic approval process. But we are hopeful to have a combo pack or two up on the Marketplace by the end of March (fingers crossed).

Do you have any updates on what these look like?

Hey Phantom, here’s the high poly of our 12x scope

We’re wrapping work on the M233 scope and wanted to share a low poly textured shot before we put up some of the other attachments we’re working on!

We’re getting closer to wrapping up these attachment packs, and are really excited to get these out there on the Marketplace. We’re also updating all of our weapon packs to ensure these attachments, such as the EOTech Magnifier shown here, can snap right into place!

Your team are doing very good work !
can wait to see more…

Thanks so much @Jago138. We’ve officially submitted this pack and want to make sure the community knows that these attachments will work with ALL weapons on the Marketplace. We’re including instructions for how to make these compatible with any weapon out there :slight_smile: Here’s a first look at our Docter Sights:

Here’s a look at the Suppressor as it gets finished up here. No one wants sonic boom ruining your entrance :slight_smile:

Another look at the Docter Sights, which according to their website are the, " opto-electronic revolution in sights engineering". We’ll take their word for it!

How far away is this pack and the updates for the weapons to have them slot into them? Also, can we expect a discount any time soon for the ‘One of each’ pack?

Hey @Furinyx we’ve submitted this pack to Epic so now we’re playing the waiting game. We’re also pretty much done with our weapon updates, so hopefully they will be up in a few weeks but we’re at the mercy of the approval process. Unfortunately, the One of Each pack was on sale in February, so its not on the schedule to be on sale for a while as we go through some of our other packs. Starting today, our Assault Rifle pack is 30% off if you’re interested:!

Looks fantastic, I will definitely get this pack!

We are hoping these attachments take your FPS to the next level and are so excited to get them out there on the Marketplace. It should only be a few more weeks with any luck, and we’ve kept at it with the updates to our current modern weapons so that these attachments are super easy to add to any weapon under the sun. Here’s another look at the EOTech Magnifier, so you can get a closer view of your prey:

We are making some great progress on the attachment packs and are stoked that they will be hitting the Marketplace in the middle of April! As we start the official countdown, we’ll be sharing more updates and images on these awesome additions to your arsenal :slight_smile: Here’s a look at the scope and under-barrel laser on our HK416D:

More detail being added on, getting close here!


We just polished up the EOTech Magnifier over here and wanted to share…word on the street is this pack will be hitting the Marketplace next week!

And it’s all finished, nice and polished and ready to go!

Any idea on prices?