FPS animations

Hello I’m messing with blueprints, and I’m just trying to learn more about how FPS animations work. I was wondering if anyone has or knows were i can download a set of FPS shooter animations? I’m looking specifically for running animations, knife stabbing animations, rifle firing and reloading, kneeling and laying down, running with gun. pistol firing and animations, and if possible id like to find some Bow firing and reloading animations. I don’t plan on selling or releasing these animations with any commercial project, just would like something to learn with. I’ve looked all over ,even in mod community’s and couldn’t find anything.

thank you!

Most of what you are looking for is contained inside of Unreal Engine’s public projects, “Content Examples” and “Shooter Example”. I am pretty sure that noone would be willing to release their animations for free.

just google free mo-cap and i’m sure you’ll find something.

basically those anims that your looking for are quite a bit of work to do well, also depends on your character rig, afaik you can’t just import an anim and apply it to an old rig in ue4 you have to do the work in a 3d program, which is also why you want find ue4 ready content like that for free