FPS/3rd person with vehicles...

Been playing around and learning the different techniques (1st, 3rd and now vehicles) and learning new things all the time. But one thing that i still havent understood and it is if i have a 3rdperson character that i’m possesing and controlling, what do i have todo to be able to “enter” a vehicle and take control of it? any tips on how its usually done?

Thanx in advance.

There are a couple of threads that explain how to do this in more detail, but you need to call a Possess function on your player controller, passing it the pawn you want to take control of.

Hi all.

yes, indeed, i have seen couple tutorials and some working stuff from other guys, enter the care leave the car for older versions of UDK, not working with UDK4.8.2, the collision box was keeping you off the car and so on, even the collision setup was correct, some others you can see tons of functions andwhatnot to make it work without any explanation.

From what i can see, and i have seen alot of vehicle things for UDK4, this problem is still not solved or you seem to have 2 options

  • make a cargame where you start as the car itself (not going in car or leaving)
  • or you do it like i did very simple (will explain later) you can enter car and leave car from and to the exact points in your map, exactly, not very realistic

I had all setup in UDK 2015, all kind of vehicles, pawns and weapons, everything working just fine like in the old days,
and now here in UDK4 very massive big deception.

I don’t know how they expect this to look and feel realistic, but to me it all seems just fake, except the level making is great and looks very good

my vehicle is made just like in the tutorials, i do not use a collision box on it, as whatever setting i use, either i don’t acces the car at all, or i get blocked by it.
so i use a triggerbox that i hard attach to the vehicle (triggerbox follows vehicle all the time) when unposses vehicle i respawn characterpawn at location and rotation of
dumped vehicle, unposses is done by destination vehicle parking triggerbox.

Again this is absolutely not realistic and not what i wanted but at least this is working is some way, untill they make it work again like in UT3
good old times where everything was simply working, with some coding work.

hope this will help someone untill this vehicle problem is fixed or they tell us what the hiddden magic behind the curtains is :frowning: