StackWalkAndDump is a useful feature of the engine when reporting errors, however it takes super long to execute (in case of a source built editor) and it will lock the editor UI for about a minute while continously scratching the HDD in the meantime, as well as causing 1-2GB of increase of memory use once it will finish.

The time it takes to execute could be longer as well (as per reported by other users…7391/view.html ) that probably makes this operation even more annoying. I believe this might be the result of bad fragmentation of HDD, which is causing increase in the file access time. Probably the issue less annoying while running the editor from a fast SSD device. But it’s not always an option.

I’m just wondering, whether it would be possible to modify the engine code in such a way 1) disable stackwalk completely - or 2) reduce the length of the stack being analised.

Since i already reported this engine bug back in January this year, and has received a very unsatisfying denial as a response, at this point it would be sufficient to me to just modify my engine code any way that would be reducing the time the UI is hanging.

Launcher version of the engine is able to execute the same stack walk operation in a tiny fraction of time, which is funny that users of the source built engine has different outcomes in this matter.

Any tips? Ideas?