FPlatformProcess::UserDir() point to wrong directory


I am working on a class to give me access to the file system in my blueprints.
Every thing works great so far but FPlatformProcess::UserDir() seems to point to the wrong directory,
it points to “c:\users\username\documents” but shouldn’t it point to “c:\users\username”?
Or is there another function to get the user directory?

Thanks Gromtar

**c:\users\username\ ** is sacred !! Its a bad practice to put your game related files there. General procedure is to use a Folder as “c:\users\username\documents\My games\YourGameName”. But if you really want to write in the sacred space then you can just substring *c:\users\username\documents\ to get c:\users\username*

Hm ok then i have to substring.
But the function is misleading because the document directory is certainly not the user directory. :confused:

Yes kind of , the source code says this :


Basically because all games use the documents directory instead of sacred user directory