(FP) How to find the coordinates of the place you're looking at

Id like to make it so that when you right click, you spawn an object at the place you’re looking at.
How would i get the coordinates of that place?
Im Kinda new to this.

Linetrace and location from hit struct

How do I get the location of the hist structure?

How do i get the location from the hit struct?

Just pull a pin off of the results and start to type break, you’ll see location in it.

Is there anything else i need to do?
I did line trace by channel and then spawn actor slowdown (just a sphere)
Conected out hit with Break Hit result and connected location with spawn transfer on spawn actor but it isnt working corectly. The spawn position changes but it isnt spawning where im looking at.

Did you set correctly your line trace ? ( get player controller / convert mouse location to world space )

Here are a link with same issue (solved at the end ) without linetrace…mouse-position
and a video with more explanations and uses: