FP Hands move fwd inside of shipping build. Development build works fine

Hi. I have everything working OK in cooked Develepment Build. If I change it to shipping build when I equip rifle my hands start slowly(around 5 s) moving forward until they reach fwd maximum. This makes all of my rifle animation really bad. Anyone had similar issue? Any ideas what is actually happening when the only change I make is Build Configuration Change from Development to Shipping? Side note pistol animation that is not using any Virtual bones logic works fine. I use 4-27. 2 source build. No engine modification. Shipping build Testing on Steam. Development build testing just on my computer. Singleplayer. Any help would be much appreciated.

Theoretically, the cpp code of your actor / stuff could be doing something different with an #ifDebug or similar statement that’s then being skipped when you publish as shipping.

Other than that
I’m not aware of any other issue, but you should do a test by publishing a default template / and or just your character BP within a new empty project.

That said.
What is normally used to shift your arms forward?
It sounds to me more like a bad Ik implementation than an animation issue…

No if debug used. So why the bad implementation works in development build. That is the very question isn’t it?

Could be anything though, maybe the IK is using a debug only feature of some sort.
Couldn’t possibly know without reviewing the whole thing.

As I said, try to port to a clean/blank project and eliminate a project setting or something similar from the mix first.

If you still get the error then you have to deep dive into what it actually is that’s causing it.
If you don’t, it’s not the actor, which means something else is forcing it - player controller, game mode, level, etc.

How do I deep dive into differences between Development and Shipping build?

You’d have to manually check the code and the BP(s) of everything that isn’t the character.

  • assuming you eliminated the character being the issue.

Obviously if a clean project with the same migrated character doesn’t present the issue, there’s something up with the rest of the project.

Do you have any custom cpp at all that affects animations or any plugin enabled that maybe shouldn’t be?

I understand what you are saying to use trial and error method, which is the last resort because it’s very time consuming. That is not really useful answer. Kind of pointless to tell me it can be anything go and fix it yourself. Now when you mention .cpp files yeah of course I have custom animation .cpp files and I use tons of plugins and zillion of other things, but the question is from the very beginning why is the shipping build different from developmnet build. This is the focus of the question as it has lot of implications for everything else. Or where can I find out information about what are the differences? My understanding is that in shipping build there is no way to debug things? So that’s why you test in development build before you ship it. But once you ship it there should be no changes to what you tested in developmnet build.

Unfortunately there really isnt another answer.

Generally speaking the engine does exactly what you direct it to do - be it via cpp code, or with blueprint.

You have the gist of it correct. The only thing to note is that you could create a log system via cpp that does not rely on the editor or debug system being present.

Thats going to take you much longer than taking things apart to analyze what it is that you may be doing incorrectly - or what the engine is doing incorrectly for that matter…