FP crouch with full body mesh

So I am implementing a body awareness inside an FPS arms only blueprint and crouching is resizing the capsule half height but it is obviously pushing the full body mesh into the ground so I was wondering what’s the best approach for this. I wish I could simply move the mesh outside the capsule while linking the position only but I guess that’s not possible. Are there simple methods for that? Like moving the mesh up when you crouch or something?

To answer my own question it was a simply add local offset to the body mesh. Let me know if that’s wrong for whatever reason, please.

I got a new question regarding this. I am trying to figure out a way to lerp between 2 values over time with or without a timeline but the problem with the timeline is for some reason the value gets messed up and it ends up adding more and more like in a loop or something. Is there an easy way to simply go from vectors A to B and back without timelines. Can’t figure out a way using a simple lerp and manipulating the alpha based on world seconds. Anyone?