Four Armed Model in Third Person Example Map

I have a third person example map, and I would like to know if it is possible to retarget the Third Person Animation Blueprint to a 4-armed character, and if so, how.

I am not sure what you mean by retarget, but I will assume you mean re-purpose here:

If so, no you can not simply use the animation as it must have the bones for which the animation was made. You have to make a new skeleton and then animate the new character. You CAN make two arms static and then simply move the other two arms, but I dont think that is what you want it to do.


What I mean by “retarget” is retargeting the animation mesh. When I have a different skeleton, I use a feature called “retarget manager” to set up the skeleton with the humanoid rig, and then retarget the original animations. With two extra arms, I was wondering how I could add a new bones that bridge between the two arms, and making those the “arm”. That is the only solution I thought of, but if there is an easier way, I’d like to see it.