Found solution to RunUAT.bat problem!!

For me it is not to use the latest release of unreal 4.8. I was doing the twin stick tutorial and when it came to packaging my project I got the RunUAT.bat error. I cannot package anything on the latest version of 4.8. So out of curiosity I tried to package a project in 4.7 and it worked and then i tried in 4.9 and it worked. So I used a copy of the twin stick tutorial and ported it to 4.9 and I was able to package it without a problem. So please Unreal don’t break 4.9 to where I can’t package any of my projects. I wish I knew what was going on with 4.8 because I was not ready to switch to 4.9. But I guess I would have had to eventually. I don’t know what happened with 4.8 but 4.9 is working for me now. Have a good night and be blessed.