"found multiple roots" even thought I have only 1


I’m new to UE4 and maya. I’m trying to import an animation made with maya13 to UE4 but it keeps bashing about having multiple root bones. If I’m not mistaken I have only 1 root bone as seen from the outliner Screenshot by Lightshot

This is how my animation looks like in maya: Screenshot by Lightshot
However, when I remove the other arm and a leg, it imports just fine: Screenshot by Lightshot
Removing just the leg didn’t do the thing. What am I doing wrong?

As I can see you really have several Root bones in your rig. Please have a look at joint9 (which supposed to be the Root) and these ones - joint17, joint1, joint5. They all lay on the same level of hierarchy.
Adding root joint for all of them should help

Do you mean joint17, join1, joint5 are on the same level as joint9 couse for me it looks like they are on the same level as joint10. And then what makes it working when I remove the arm, joint1, and leg, joint16 even if they would be on same level?

E: Tried to make 1 more root bone Screenshot by Lightshot still same, “multiple root bones found” wtf??

You’ll get the multiple roots warning if even one bone in your hierarchy shares the same name as another. Maya likes creating lots of hidden nodes throughout. Expand your whole hierarchy and ensure that every single bone and node has a completely unique name.

Then make sure whatever you did pick as the root truly is the root of the skeleton. Grab it and move it. If everything goes with it, you’re supposed to be ok.

Just a quick and dirty fix :smiley:
check all your character’s bones and put them under the same root by parent them all to the root bone, that’s helped me fix it :smiley: