Found material name clash"

Hi there, so I’m currently optimising some assets that have previously been imported into UE4 and have material ID’s assigned to individual models (13 ID’s total according to UE4 to be exact).
However, after optimising the assets in 3ds max and importing them back into ue4 as a single fbx (as it was done before), I’m receiving the fbx import message:

"FBX Scene Loading: Found material name clash, name clash can be wrongly reassign at reimport, material ‘NameExample01’ was renamed to ‘NameExample01_ncl1_1’

and now in UE4 the asset has 25 materials.
I can’t figure out why it’s doing this so if anyone has any idea that would be great. I’ll include some images for reference.
Hopefully, I’ve explained it clearly enough, any info would help.

Link to reference images that should Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hey there I am experiencing the same exact issue. I have been able to find zero documentation online about this issue. I wanted to bump this thread to see if you had any success or any recommendations to help curve this issue.


I know im a little late to the party, but i was exporting my fbx from blender and running into the same issue, what i ended up doing was exporting to fbx, then importing to blender and exporting again, the secondary export had none of the textures attached so i just recreated them inside of unreal, it was a little bit of a hassle but it worked. (deleting the materials from blender did not work)