Found an intermediate folder compile warning


This annoying compile warning always pops up when I start compiling. Any thoughts on what is causing this?

1>EXEC : warning : UnrealBuildTool found an Intermediate folder while looking for rules ‘Z:\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\MyProject\Intermediate’. It should only ever be searching under ‘Source’ folders – an Intermediate folder is unexpected and will greatly decrease iteration times!


It looks like you’re storing your project inside of the engine source code directory. This is wrong. You should move your project into a different folder, such as Z:/Users/[YourUserName]/Documents/Unreal Projects/

No that is not the case! My game dll project is in a seperate directory from that of the engine source code, or of the whole engine directory for that matter.

Are you sure? Because your error message is telling me that you have what looks like a game project stored within a directory path which looks like the engine source code directory.

Good catch! I actually had the module rules dll copied somehow under the engine source subdirectory (I still don’t know how.)