( found a workaround ) Stuck in a loop... ( get instigator controller problem )

Hello, im stuck with this for like 2 days…

Starting the game in a flag area, everything is fine:

Climb in a tank, everything working:

Get out the tank, and then nothing going out the get instigator node, even the get all actors find our player ( you can see on the debug he see the player character )

I really dunno what im doing wrong

I was wondering if the server just loose the player controller somewhere when the player go out the tank… but not

In this image, everything work, i can get the player controller from a simple " get player controller " node AND i can get the player controller from a "get instigator " node

In this, i dunno why but the engine don’t find my controller with " get instigator "

If i go back in the tank everything work fine again

i solved this, by spawning and possessing my soldier back using the player controller BP instead of respawn and possessing the pawn in the tank BP

Basically, i fire an event in Tank_BP with his location to my player controller bp and respawn the player there