FOSS Licenses used by Unreal Engine runtime and plug-ins

I am employed in a large organization operating in the industry sector and I’m currently thinking about using UE for an upcoming project.

Our corporate publishing service expects any team to clearly document any FOSS license used in applications that are going to be distributed (internally or externally), including the engine runtime for each platform and any plug-ins or assets.

Any FOSS license must be also displayed in the app via an appropriate page that lists all open source components used and their licenses, including copyright holder, terms, etc.

This is something that can easily be found in many apps published in app stores but many game developers tend to skip / overlook this due to lack of resources or awareness.

We’ve faced this problem recently with another sdk and I’m researching this now to avoid surprises down the line after the project is ready to ship but cannot be distributed due to lack of compliance with missing FOSS licenses and copyright notices.

A very good example is what Google does with their Flutter framework, which generates a menu page that contains a clickable list of every license used by the app engine and dependences (packages).
All Flutter packages hook into a registry saved in the project which includes every license.

Video: AboutDialog (Flutter Widget of the Week) - YouTube

  • Does UE offer any functionality to list all open source components used in the engine runtime, their licenses, their copyright notices and so on?
  • Alternatively, does UE ship with a PDF / TXT file containing these informations?