Forward vector not rotating with actor

I’m currently working in one of my game mechanics and I’m having some issues with the forward vector of one of my characters. What I’m doing is changing the character’s transform (using SetActorTransform()) every tick to change its location and rotation based on a list of transforms previously generated. This character moves and rotates according to these transforms (I check the values of the transforms and everything seems fine) but its forward vector is always pointing to the same direction, and never changes.
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong and modifying an actor’s rotation doen’t change its forward vector. If that is the case I want to know how to make the forward vector match this rotation

CharacterMovement is in control of the characters transform, and by default it will rotate itself to match the Control Rotation of whatever controller is possessing it. What’s probably happening is you’re setting the rotation, but it’s being snapped back to the Control Rotation by Character Movement.

The Forward Vector is calculated from the actors’ transform - so it’s impossible for it to not match the actual current transform of the actor.

Thank you very much! That was exactly my problem, I just forgot to deactivate my character’s movement before setting the transform