Forward Movement of Character

I am having an issue when I use mixamo animations for characters I import into unreal 4. I have no issues setting up blend space, animation bp’s etc. My issue revolves around the animations themselves. Example is making a character run. In blend space it seems to transition perfectly. However when I use the character in the editor the character does the animation then when it is finished the character position is reset to the start of the animation. What I want to know is how can I stop the animation from moving the skeletal mesh forward completely and only do animation on the spot. So I can control the forward movement myself, through speed variable etc. Not sure I explaining this clearly. Basically the animations I import are moving the position of the skeletal mesh during the animation sequence. So for a run animation the character is moved forward from start position via the animation. I want the animation to still go through every frame. just to move on the spot. So when the animation is looped their is no reset of the character position every loop.

Thank you.

Can you show me how you have this set up right now?

Thank you for looking at my question. Just trying to send you some information. Having some issues uploading files to this answer hub. Won’t accept zipped folder i sending at moment. Also first tried sending the project was to big. Now trying to get some screen shots, won’t be long.

Sorry I posted a reply to your question and it has dissappeared twice now :(. Will try again to upload a few screen shots.

In this first screen shot, you may notice the character is very far forward. This is near the end of the blend space. When the animation is complete it is set in the distance again. This cause the character to seem to move forward then jerk back while running. I really need the animation sequence to just run on spot so when i add the speed variable to the movement it is the only thing that determines where the animation is. Currently both variable and the actual animation is effecting where the mesh is resulting in the jerking movement on reset of cycle.

Ok , Think I know partial fix/work around with my animation moving forward. In mixamo , some the animation allow you to move on the spot instead of move forward. This can’t be used for all animations though. so if anyone knows a work around or fix for animations that move from start position in the animation would love to know for all the other animations that i can’t set to not move forward.