Forward movement based on camera direction?

Hello, noob here!

I want to create a small indie project with a control mechanic pretty much the same as “Marble It Up!”](

So far I have the ball rolling, I have the camera control, but what I cannot figure out is how to base the forward movement on the camera direction. Currently if I hold W but look BEHIND me, the ball is still moving true North, same for all the other directions too.

How do I go about fixing this in the 'simplist" way possible?

Thanks in advance!

In your movement input, are you using Get Actor Rotation for the ball or whole actor itself? If so, get the camera and use the GetWorldRotation node from it, and replace the GetActorRotation with that, then it will use your camera’s forward and right vector for direction instead


I don’t have any “nodes” for Get Actor Rotation. It was just a tick box I ticked on the springarm for the camera.

Hmm, I’ve never done movement like this before so I’m not entirely sure if something like this would work, but it could be worth a shot

Quick tip, you can right click pins for things like Vectors, Structs, etc… and split/recombine them instead of using a break node

I don’t mean to be a pain, I am really new to this, When I right Click the “Forward Vector” node I don’t see an option to split? Secondly what is the node called that is splitting it into X Y and Z? Is that the “Break” node?

You have to click the pin, rather than the node itself, so for the Get Forward Vector, right click on the yellow circle (that’s the pin), and you should see the option, then if you want to revert back to the single pin, right click on one of the green Float pins it split into, and click Recombine.

And that node is just the Vector * Float node (Multiplying a vector (3 floats, most commonly used for things like x, y, and z location) by a single float), but I split the vector into its 3 floats like previously described. A break node does the same as splitting, but as a separate node, so you still have the original pin on the first node if you want to plug in the full variable into something else.

I managed to get it working with this, thank you!