Forums vs AnswerHub

I find the existence of two separate places where question can be asked and answered (forums and the AnsweHub) inefficient and confusing. In general, asking questions or searching for answers about working with UE4 would probably be better placed in the AnswerHub, however (at least at the moment) they are more likely answered inthe forums, where activity (at least in terms of answering) seems to be much higher.

I guess it needs clearly communicated rules which content should go where, or a focus on one of the two sites.

try this thread What's the purpose of having the forum AND the answer hub? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums, stephen’s post explains what should go where

hope it helps:)

Thanks smokey13, for providing the link to my answer!

Also, pro-tip for searching… use this…

It searches ALL THE THINGS!

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I suspect one of the reasons questions are often more quickly answered in the forums is because a lot of people (particularly those with experience) are actively avoiding Answerhub. Answerhub’s discoverability for any posted question is inordinately low, with all posts being booted off the first page within around an hour, so it’s common for the non-simple questions to remain unanswered for extended periods of time. As a nasty side effect of that low discoverability, you’ll find the same questions are asked repeatedly, ad-infinatum. Volunteers like myself aren’t going to waste our time trawling through page-on-page of the same questions day-in-day-out, we have better things to do with our time.