Forums site/thread links when clicked on will stall and only load the page half the time

Hello, so when i access the forums part of the Unreal Engine website, or try to access any threads on said website, half of the time the pages wont load, and i have to refresh the page multiple times to get them to react and load correctly.
Are the forums server’s under heavy load, or is it just me?

Also, as a note, my current primary way of receiving internet is through USB Tethering using the EasyTeather application through my phone, which could be causing the issue, but i dont have this problem on any other website on the web.

It’s your internet only. Maybe you try to open “heavy” pages that contain attachments and thus you get the loading hold

Seems to be just you, similarly there are random times when literally the only website I can load is Facebook due to some DNS problem with my router.

You’re using chrome as web browser?

Yes, but during these times the same problem occurs in Microsoft Edge.

I have had the same problem with DNS error showing up in chrome at multiple pages. Instead use firefox or try googling it. I can’t remember exactly the fix I did for that, but it’s on google.